Set up by importing all school/district student info

NursePass team can help you set up the service for your entire school or district.

Simply export SIS information with the headings suggested in the XLS template attached below, and contact NursePass at

In up to 48 hours, you can have all teachers, nurses and parents ready to use NursePass and NursePort school-wide or district-wide.

Basically, NursePass needs an export by Teacher Class. This may end up with having a long list of options for a High School system or just a simple list of students for an Elementary School, but this way you will be able to update the scheduling to NursePass every time you'll have new students or students switching classes.

These are the CSV headings that are required for any import/update:

School ID
Teacher Name
Teacher Email
Homeroom/Period/Block Name
Student Name
Student ID
Student Grade
Parent Email 1
Parent Email 2
Parent Phone 1
Parent Phone 2
Optional Student Allergies
School Name
School Address 1
School Address 2
School City
School County
School State
School Zip
School Country

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