Process an active open referrals

In Nurse mode, the currently open referrals are being loaded by default.

To process a referral after Student's arrival, follow these steps:

  1. Find the Student's name in the list, and tap on their associated referral.
  2. Mark Student's arrival by tapping on the "Check-in" button. The Teacher will be sent an instant notification that the Student is in Nurse's office.
  3. Follow your regular procedure to diagnose and treat a Student. If you need to access Student's past referrals, tap on the "clock" icon.
  4. Select the appropriate Treatment options from the list.
  5. Select the appropriate Dispositions.
  6. Optionally add your comments in the provided text area.
  7. Tap on the button SAVE & CLOSE REFERRAL to complete it. At this time, the Teacher and eventually the linked Parents will be instantly notified of the closed referral.

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