Transfer or add Students to additional classrooms/groups

In NursePass, each Student is assigned a unique ID.

If you wish to transfer or add a unique student record to additional classrooms or groups (like kids clubs, student camps, sports teams etc.), follow these steps:

  1. Get the Student's unique ID from an existing classroom/group
  2. Have the new Teacher (or Instructor, Coach etc.) load the new classroom/group on their NursePass
  3. Have the new Teacher (or Instructor, Coach etc.) tap on "Add student by Unique ID"
  4. Have the new Teacher (or Instructor, Coach etc.) enter the unique ID code for your Student
  5. When done, the Student will be added to the new classroom/group

A Student added by a unique ID will also continue to be listed in all the past classrooms/groups where they were previously added.

With this unique ID process, a Student Record can be available in multiple environments, accessible either to teachers in schools, camp counselors, sport coaches, kids club instructors etc. Each classroom/group, though, will have separate level of access to the Student and can't list Student's referrals from other classrooms/groups.


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