What's New in NursePass Version 2.2.1

This version adds the ability for teachers (or children guides, coaches, instructors, cam counselors etc.) to export and print students' unique, secure codes to be used by Parents on their companion website and app - NursePort.

We've added a new feature for Teachers to be able to search by Student's name to start creating a referral.

High Schools with complex scheduling now have the option to organize all the students in the school under one single group, the Teachers will be able to use the new feature to search for student names to create referrals, and school administrators won't worry about scheduling changes affecting NursePass. The Nurse will have access to all High School Students' referrals internally.

As always, send us a note to support@helpthenurse.com. And now find our Support team on Twitter at @NursePassHelp.

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